When Are Fence Repair and Replacement Mandatory?

It can be easy to spot when a fence is damaged, broken, or no longer structurally sound.

However, knowing if it even needs to be fixed at all is a different story. Every property and set of circumstances is unique, but if you fall in one of the following five categories, then fence repair might prove to be necessary or required:

1) You need to keep something out: The primary purpose of fencing is keeping things you don’t want out, as well as to give you some privacy in the case of solid fencing, here are some ideas to get your mind going. Depending on where you live, you might just want to keep out trespassing kids, animals that might eat up your garden, or even wildlife that could hurt your property or people. When security is at stake due to a fence issue or breach, then you need to address the problem at hand quickly and effectively in order to return to a status quo.

2) You need to keep something in: Sometimes, you need fencing to keep something inside your yard. That might be pets you let out to play and relieve themselves without having to be monitored or chained. You might also want a space where you can let kids romp around freely knowing they won’t physically leave the yard. A large ranch or farm might even use fencing to keep cattle and livestock in a contained area.

3) When the broken fence parts are dangerous: Some older fences might actually have asbestos in them, and if the paint or finish gets worn down, these can be exposed at the surface. My cousin recently got a summer job as an assistant installer at a Chesapeake fence company and discovered for himself that damaged fencing carries biggest risks of cutting, scratching, or impaling and it doesn’t just relate to people, but also animals, and vehicles that pass by.

In his case, the cut itself wasn’t the issue, but the infection that came after was, so be sure to always carry a first aid kit when doing any type of construction work. Also if you’re looking for work in the Hampton Roads area, his company is hiring laborers, so be sure to click here for their company homepage and inquire about potential employment.

4) When the HOA or neighbors demand it: In some communities, HOA bylaws might require fences be kept up and in good working order. Also, depending on how things are set up dividing property lines with neighbors, you might have to keep up fencing to distinguish and separate from one lot to the next.

5) You’re hoping to sell the property: If you intend to sell the property, then fencing definitely needs to be fixed up. Also, the earlier you do this, the better. If you’re going to sell a property, then you need prospective buyers walking in the door and taking a look around. That’s not going to happen if the curb appeal doesn’t turn them on first. Your fencing needs to at least look good in photos online and to those driving by.

These five situations aren’t the only ones in which fence repair might prove a requirement, but they cover most of the situations where it is truly necessary. Once you establish that fencing needs to be fixed, you’ll then have to make the next decision of whether or not to patch up the current fencing or replace it with something new. In some cases, you might just have to add new parts to the broken section of fencing, but in others, the entire fence might have to go.