Benefits And Drawbacks Of Tree Removal

Certain homeowners enjoy having several large trees surrounding their home, while others prefer to have all trees removed from their property. Regardless of whether you are a tree person or not, it is important to consider the pros and cons of each approach. This article will provide information on the different benefits and drawbacks to tree removal.

What Are The Benefits Of Tree Removal?

1. Additional Space On The Property

If you are building a home on a small piece of land, then you may not have any choice but to remove trees in the area. Moreover, if the trees are too close together, they could keep you from building a particular design or landscaping in the way you would like to. Removing the trees allows you greater freedom, flexibility, and more space with your building plans.

2. Increased Safety

While stories of trees falling on people’s houses seem far-fetched, this can happen and does happen in many cases. It is particularly evident in areas that are prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes, even the healthiest of trees will fall when facing a strong wind. Take as an example hurricane Michael and this little girl. If the tree in your yard is diseased or dead, it has less strength to face wind and will eventually fall. It is better to have the removal done on your terms and in a secure setting instead of dealing with property damage.

3. Easy Yard Maintenance

If you have ever had to fish leaves from a pool, you will understand the frustration trees present with regards to yard maintenance. Raking fallen leaves becomes old quickly as you would much rather spend time enjoying your day inside watching television or socializing. By removing the trees, you will not need to deal with yard maintenance or be concerned about the property becoming damaged as a result of trees.

What Are The Drawbacks of Tree Removal?

1. Damaged Ecosystem

Believe it or not, when you remove a tree from your yard you are damaging a complex ecosystem. Trees are homes for insects, birds, and other types of wildlife; therefore, if you cut the tree down you will be removing the animals’ home. If you choose to remove a tree, it is recommended that you provide alternatives for the animals, such as bird-feeders or small wooden structures.

2. Loss Of Beauty

Many experts say that while trees do contribute to yard maintenance, they are also beautiful additions to any back or front yard. Owner at a Minneapolis MN company suggests that by removing these pieces of plant life, you will be removing the aesthetic value that they add to the property. Most homeowners complain about the bareness of the yard once they have built a home, but this is largely because of a lack f trees.

3. Irreversibility

Unlike shrubs or flowers, trees take so long to grow that you cannot go out and buy another tree after removing one. Tree removal is a decision that needs to be informed and carefully considered because of its finality. If you are not completely certain that you want the tree removed, it may be a sign to leave the tree and consider other options.